ORCA BP1001 Blinky Pro Brushless Speed Controller 13.5T (ETS APPROVED)

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The ORCA Blinky Pro was developed with blinky stock class racing in mind. It features all the necessary options to adjust the ESC to your likings, while remaining in blinky mode at all times. So the Blinky Pro gives you a number of useful adjustments for your ESC, it doesn't offer any boost or turbo timing option. So you still have all adjustments for braking and feel to get everything dialed in. The 100A current limit can handle motors down to 10.5T and is obviously made to the highest possible quality standards.


Info: This version of the ORCA Blinky Pro Speed Control is ready to use in the ETS 13.5T Pro Stock class with the pre-installed RPM-Limiter Software. You can also update the ESC with other ORCA Softwares.


Setting Options:

1. Running Mode

2. Battery Cutoff Voltage

3. Punch

4. PWM Frequency

5. Dragbrake

6. Max. Brakeforce

7. Brake Punch

8. Brake PWM Frequency

9. Max. Reverse Force

10. Neutral Range

11. RPM Limit

12. Motor Link



  • ETS 13.5T Stock Software pre-installed
  • Laser engraved ETS logo for easy identification
  • Weight: 20.8g
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.4 x 10.4mm
  • Inpout Voltage: 6-11V
  • Continuous current: 100A
  • Peak current: 380A
  • Motor Limit: 10.5T
  • BEC: 4A 6V/7.2V

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