MR33 Tweak Tool Station

€ 49,95
incl. btw, excl. levering


The new MR33 Tweak Tool Station offers a clear and simple way to check the tweak on all 1:10 and 1:12 scale onroad cars! Compared to other products, the MR33 Tweak Tool Station does not rely on a water scale for measuring the chassis balance - this job is done by a ride height gauge (not included/#MR33-RHG) underneath the left and right side of the floating aluminum main part. 

Racers can clearly read out the values from the height gauge and don’t have to rely on a water scale. Using the MR33 Tweak Tool Station is very easy and with a tweak free car your laptimes on the track will be better and more consistent than before. 

The MR33 is made from black anodized aluminum with laser engraved numbers and logos! 


Note: For correct measurements and a perfect result, make sure that your setup board is perfectly flat on a straight table.