Yokomo BD11 Touring Car Kit Carbon Chassis

Yokomo BD11 Touring Car Kit Carbon Chassis

€ 669,00

incl. btw, plus verzending


New features of the Yokomo BD11:

  • New, lower control arms made of very stable carbon fiber material
  • New split shock tower on the front axle for more flex between the bulkheads
  • New Yokomo active rear bulkhead flex system
  • New short shocks with improved characteristics
  • Redesigned top deck to match the new overall layout of the BD11
  • Lower mounted stabilizers for extra low center of gravity
  • Revised double-joint cardans on the front axle
  • Yokomo RTC system (Rear Toe Control) still included in the kit

Contents: Yokomo BD11 Bakuasten (not pre-assembled)

What else is needed: Tires, body, speed controller, motor, receiver, servo, battery, radio control system