Flysky Noble NB4 Radio + 2 Receiver - FLY-FS002

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With the NB4 radio remote control from FlySky, comfort is writ large when driving RC cars and boats. But not only from an ergonomic point of view knows the NB4 to begsitern, because also from the technical side you can keep up with other modern transmitters. After all, the remote control uses the new and extremely flexible AFHDS3 protocol for transmission.

In conjunction with this protocol, the advantages of a wireless WS2A system and the new 2.4GHz chip, the most diverse transmitter parameters can be set dynamically. This includes channel number, channel resolution, range, anti-interference requirements and also latency. Thus, it is possible to freely adjust the transmitter to one's own needs via the 3.5 inch TFT display. The real-time data exchange between the transmitter and the receiver also allows increased control over the flight model with always up-to-date information on e.g. temperature and speed.


  • Advanced, modern transmitter
  • Ergonomic design with swiveling steering wheel
  • Suitable for right- and left-handers
  • Dual battery system
  • Intelligent RF configuration
  • Less than 3ms latency
  • Can also be used in simulations etc. Applications without USB dongle

Scope of delivery:

  • FlySky "NB4" transmitter
  • Receiver: FGr4 and FGr4S
  • USB data cable
  • Handle
  • Springs (S, L)
  • 2x transparent protection foil
  • Instructions